Monday, November 7, 2011

Friends...I would like to meet!

Don't know why but this subject just popped into my mind...Who are some friends I would truly like to meet one day...Let's explore this subject.

1. Someone with alot of money who wants to leave it all in their will to their friends.

2. Someone who says, "Hey when you get home, burn that outfit! Seriously you look ridiclous!

3. Someone spontaneous..I say hey I need help getting rid of this body. They say let me grab my shovel.

4. A good friend at wal mart who would put back black friday specials for me. Like a big screen tv that they only have 2 of anyway...I could wake up at 10 am or so and go on out and pick it up.

5. A friend with vacation homes in many tropical places.

I am truly blessed with some of the best friends a gal could have and I love them dearly, but these are just a few I would like to add to that list....

A true friend walks in when everyone else walks out!

Until next time,


Monday, October 31, 2011

Ask Yourself? Can I delegate or Eliminate?

Time ticks away, Use it wisely!
If you can't get all your work done or have time to have a social life, you may be wasting your time.
So ask yourself, what can I eliminate or delegate in my life....As a business owner, I know how important it is to delegate...We are a home medical equipment company open Mon-Fri and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! But I make time for the important things in my life. Worship, Spending time with family and friends, and watching my predators during hockey season.
I am sure your schedule is similar to mine or even more jam packed, but we can all schedule time to enjoy our passions. Let others in your office help you, delegate certain duties to employees and let them do their job. Employees need to know they are part of the process and reward them in their success, which leads to your success.
Life is simple...Do what you love and do it often!
So relax and rest your soul and mind, your health and well being depends on this time to recharge yourself.
Until next time,

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year & New Opportunities!

New Year-2011! Brand New Beginnings, New Things to do, Places to go, New Friends to meet, Old Friends to reconnect with....the list is endless! It's a blank slate starting January 1st 2011-What will you do with it? What will I do with it?

First and foremost, I want to work on my personal relationship with God and his son Jesus! I don't feel I put enough of my whole self to my personal salvation. Jesus should be my best friend, I mean who else would die for me! So this will be my first and foremost goal of this year!

I want to be present for my grown boys and when I get to spend time with them, enjoy every minute of it. I am so proud of the men they have become!

I want to meet and get to know (really know who they are and what they are about) as many people as possible this year...My business helps me in this as I love visiting with my patients in their home and talking with them about their lives and WOW some of them have lived through some tough times and also have some hilarious stories to tell.

I also bought a juicer and want to continue my quest to live healthier, and stay with my exercise program. And try to convince my family to try juicing also, Did you know we should have 5 handfuls of leafy greens everyday? I ask Johnny, "What vegetables have you had today? His answer, a piece of lettuce on my hamburger." We are going to change that!

These are some of my first goals to work on....So we shall see how it goes! Best of Luck to all of you reaching your dreams and Have a great 2011!

Until next time; Kim

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Year Approaching! What will it mean in my life?

Eveyone always has new years resolutions! One of mine started in the summer walking 30 minutes a night for 4 nights, now its cold, so I joined the gym and plan on keeping that up. So far I have lost 21 pounds and I am grateful for everyone of them.
But I also have a mission for next year, I feel with raising children, sometimes you lose yourself to take care of them which is not a bad thing at all...Love my boys to death and they are the love of my life, the reason I breathe, and work so hard.
But now I am having thoughts about, WHO AM I REALLY? Not sure how to go about finding this out, but plan on researching things about myself and family and just try to find the real me.
Now I don't think I am fake, by no means..I say what I feel and have no regrets about this. But there are deep questions in my gut about myself and I need to get to the bottom of these questions! So This is my resolution, I will blog about this throughout the year...If anyone has accomplished this task let me know how you did it. I plan on researching ways and doing things to find the real me! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ghost Hunt

I promised my face book friends a recap of my ghost hunting adventure at the old hospital. So here goes. In the picture to the left is Patrick Burns (paranormal investigator from Haunting Evidence on True TV) Along with Patrick was Marley, a paranormal investigator. Lorna set up the event (a local psychic) she also brought in David a psychic and Carla a medium. And 15 tickets were sold to the public and lucky me got one. Now when I first arrived David shook my hand and told me my energy was all wrong for investigation and Lorna quickly took out her pendulum and fixed my bad let me add here I felt nothing through this procedure. I felt no better or worse, but if 2 psychics want to align my energy who am I to argue with them.

Now on the first investigation my group went with David. We went to the basement where the morgue and operating room were located. Now David discovered a young girl there who died in the 1920's here while she was pregnant. She was scared to go to the light because she died while she was pregnant from an adulterous relationship. So we gathered in a circle and David talked her to the I know what you are thinking cause I thought the same thing...But if it did work then I figure I did my good deal for the day...I am no psychic so I have no way to validate this story. But while I was there in the basement I took a few photos and when I put them on my computer I found a nurse walking through a hallway just working away. See photo below. You have to look close because she is in front of a white doorway.

Now we head onto the third floor to investigate where patient rooms where located where David picks up on an angry man who wants us to leave the area. So I picked a room and started my recorder and ask some questions hoping to get some answers to my questions...And yes I did.

I said if you want us to leave just say so and later in the week when I was playing back recorder I heard "Leave" from a disembodied voice right after this statement. Very Creepy. I took photos while I was in this room and caught this face in the window. Look under flash and his face starts there.

So now our group heads off with Patrick where they seem to be picking up alot of activity. Marley is shoved down on the gourney ramps very violently. So Patrick has the box that that allows ghost to use to speak through. It has 2000 words and the ghost somehow manipulate it to speak through. So we keep getting the words Emma, 15 suffer death over and over again. Then Patrick asks if bodies are buried on the property and we get several me, me, me. Strange.

Then there is the mysterious butterfly, its sticky and adheres to the wall. It went from one apartment room to another wall in the kitchen in the opposite apartment while we were walking to the other apartment. Someone caught an evp of a little girl laughing when we ask about it moving. At one point my friends were driving by at 11:00 and saw a woman come out of building and they ask her if it was over and she said it was for her she was getting out of there.

Our last evp started at 12:30 and we ask several questions and then an angry spirit told us to get out and go to hell....So we decided to wrap it up on that note.

Now the most talked about photo is one I took before the investigation of the house next door to this building that is also said to be haunted.

There are many faces in this window and people keep finding more every day. Very Creepy!

Now this is not where the story ends. Me and my friend Tracy walk at night about 9ish. The old hospital is on our route. So Monday following investigation we walk by and there are about 6 huge faces glowing on the outside of the building. It was like they were keeping watch for others to come up there. We tried to get pictures but none would show up. We went and got her son kyle and my son beau and Marissa to witness this weird site. As we walked up to the house every street light we walked under went out...Now Kyle was trying to take some photos on the side of the house into a window and the camera kept flashing but would not adjust to take photo and on one of the last flashes Boom there was a man standing inside the room where no one was before...Next flash he was gone...It was just like in horror film...I was waiting for Jason to come up behind me and chop me up...Weird....
Thats all I have for this ghost hunt......Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Choose!

Everyone has a special priviledge. You get to choose how you spend your life, no matter how short or long it is all up to you!

Do you spend it making memories with those you love and care about? Or do you spend it complaining about those you love and care about?

Do you spend it finding happiness in simple moments like blowing bubbles? Or do you spend it worrying about the things you have collected and how will you keep it all together?

Do you spend it in the moment and seizing the day? Or do you let the weight of tommorrow bring you down?

Do you spend it in hating your enemies? Or do you love your enemies and let all that hate go?

Do you spend it in saying oh well, I never promised you a rose garden? Or do you go out and plant yourself a rose garden?

Let go of the things that bring you down and rob you of your full potential. Grab onto the things that make your life full and happy...God, Family, Friends & Simple Pleasures...

Until next time...You Choose How You Spend Your Life!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things that irritate me!

Well I woke up this morning and the coffee maker I bought about 6 months ago is dead! So I scrambled around to get ready and off to McDonalds I went to get coffee! So I guess this has me in a somewhat foul mood today, so I decided to ramble off some things that irritate me:

1. Coffee maker broken irritates me.
2. There is this giant porcelain thing in the bathroom to use when you need to urinate, when my boys cannot hit that huge irritates me!
3. When my favorite show Ghost Adventures is a rerun, I am irritated.
4. If I am getting a nap and someone walks in and says hey are you asleep?
5. I let my dog out and wait and wait on him to come back in and then the minute I get comfy on the couch I hear his little claws scratching at the door.
6. Being relaxed on the couch and my cell phone goes off and it is in the kitchen...hate that.
7. The woman on the tampax commercial that shows up with this pretty package that she calls a monthly gift...I dream of killing her.
8. Stepping in used chewing gum....
9. Going to Wal Mart ( which I now have to do to get new coffee pot)
10 Sudoku puzzles
11 Friends on Facebook...but won't speak to you in public.
12 Exploding yogurts...Open and pow it is all over you.
13 Trying to get a coke out of machine and the last coin in your hand keeps coming back out the slot return.
14 When everyone is in the car but me, as I am walking in front of car to passenger side..Johnny honks the horn and it doesn't scare me, It irritates the crap out of me cause I am already late.
15 Last but not least! Going in a public bathroom stall and doing your business and then you realize there is no toilet paper in that stall....

Thanks for letting me vent....I fell less irritated now...