Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Choose!

Everyone has a special priviledge. You get to choose how you spend your life, no matter how short or long it is all up to you!

Do you spend it making memories with those you love and care about? Or do you spend it complaining about those you love and care about?

Do you spend it finding happiness in simple moments like blowing bubbles? Or do you spend it worrying about the things you have collected and how will you keep it all together?

Do you spend it in the moment and seizing the day? Or do you let the weight of tommorrow bring you down?

Do you spend it in hating your enemies? Or do you love your enemies and let all that hate go?

Do you spend it in saying oh well, I never promised you a rose garden? Or do you go out and plant yourself a rose garden?

Let go of the things that bring you down and rob you of your full potential. Grab onto the things that make your life full and happy...God, Family, Friends & Simple Pleasures...

Until next time...You Choose How You Spend Your Life!


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