Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Worry will rob your soul

I feel sorry for people who worry all the time, about every little thing...for what, it won't change a thing. Now I know there are times worry is unavoidable, but not over everything.

I read a friends post the other day on facebook it said "Don't take life so seriously, nobody is going to make it out alive." I think we forget that this life is temporary.

If we would remember this life would be so much more joyous!

We should remember that success doesn't come without failures! So if you are on top of the mountain of success...Move over a bit, I am coming but I am going to do some sightseeing while I climb.....With no worries!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Challenge!

Beau is done with football so being the concerned mother I am I decided he needed something to do, so I hired him at Advanced Home Medical. I was a little concerned how this would all work out, well I am mom and now I am also his boss. But we have a great relationship and it is working out so good. I have trained others before at other places I have worked and I have to say that Beau is really catching on quick! He comes in and cleans returned equipment for me and he is training to go out in the field and service oxygen patients in their home. He is learning to set up hospital beds and other equipment.

Oh and I love when he comes into the office in the afternoon and says hey mom, What's up for the day.....I will take all the time with him I can get before he is off to college....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I stood in the breeze today and as I stood there I thought the wind is like God, you can't see him but you can feel him if you take a moment to connect.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Playstation 3-Maybe not a good idea!

We got Beau a playstation 3 for Christmas with Modern Warfare...Now if you are not familar with this let me fill you in, you play online against other players. It is neat he plays with his friends and you can hear them talking to one another.

Now here is the problem-Johnny is addicted to this game! He plays for 2 hours and comes out and says I hate that game! Really, Are you sure about that? One night a group of youngsters told him he sucked at this game and threw him out of the game...This is too funny!

But this is my dilema, Beau is leaving in 8 months and he will take his playstation with him. So now I have to save my money to buy another playstation for Johnny. Oh well it keeps him entertained so I will get him one...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tragedy in Haiti

Praying today for all the victims of Haiti earthquake. A friend of ours does mission work there and was just there last year during the summer. There is a lady there from Henderson TN doing great work in the Church of Christ. She runs a home for children who need a place to stay.
Her resources already limited so I am very concerned for her. One of the boys from Haiti got to come to Horizons a couple years back and Beau met him there. I know that God is watching over them all and hope to hear something soon from Tristan, who is the one in contact with them. So for now I will keep praying for them all.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Always New Things to Learn About Others

My oldest son Alex was our speaker for our winter youth series tonight, and I was blown away with his talent as a speaker. I have heard him speak before, but tonight he just was in control of the situation. He was funny, but also got his point across in a good way for youth. I guess a year and a half away from home he has grown in ways I didn't realize. This makes me very proud of him, although I really didn't need a reason to be proud of him. I guess we are always learning about one another as we go along, even those we thought we knew everything about.

Good job Alex!

Love Mom

Friday, January 8, 2010

My first time to blog

Weird to think someone would care what I think about. But I think this blogging will be a great outlet for my journey that lies ahead. See in 8 months me and johnny will become empty nesters, this scares me a little. In 20 years we have had no alone time other than maybe the boys spending the night with friends. In the last 7 years my home has been graced by all their friends coming and going, my life filled with teenage drama that sometimes I would pray to be over and now it is swiftly coming to an end. How many times have they called to me mama I need......................the list is endless. And now they will both be out and on their own, WOW!
Alex left about a year and half ago which was very hard, but we still had Beau to guide through high school, which let me tell you was no easy task.

Now I need to find ways to deal with this empty nest situation. I am thinking maybe motorcycles to get out and explore on, Although I would never let the boys have one when they asked...oh well I will deal with that later.

What if Johnny decides to have a naked room like on failure to launch. How weird! well I can't see that happening, he would still wear his boots even in a naked

Well I have 8 months to figure all this out so back to work for now