Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year & New Opportunities!

New Year-2011! Brand New Beginnings, New Things to do, Places to go, New Friends to meet, Old Friends to reconnect with....the list is endless! It's a blank slate starting January 1st 2011-What will you do with it? What will I do with it?

First and foremost, I want to work on my personal relationship with God and his son Jesus! I don't feel I put enough of my whole self to my personal salvation. Jesus should be my best friend, I mean who else would die for me! So this will be my first and foremost goal of this year!

I want to be present for my grown boys and when I get to spend time with them, enjoy every minute of it. I am so proud of the men they have become!

I want to meet and get to know (really know who they are and what they are about) as many people as possible this year...My business helps me in this as I love visiting with my patients in their home and talking with them about their lives and WOW some of them have lived through some tough times and also have some hilarious stories to tell.

I also bought a juicer and want to continue my quest to live healthier, and stay with my exercise program. And try to convince my family to try juicing also, Did you know we should have 5 handfuls of leafy greens everyday? I ask Johnny, "What vegetables have you had today? His answer, a piece of lettuce on my hamburger." We are going to change that!

These are some of my first goals to work on....So we shall see how it goes! Best of Luck to all of you reaching your dreams and Have a great 2011!

Until next time; Kim

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Year Approaching! What will it mean in my life?

Eveyone always has new years resolutions! One of mine started in the summer walking 30 minutes a night for 4 nights, now its cold, so I joined the gym and plan on keeping that up. So far I have lost 21 pounds and I am grateful for everyone of them.
But I also have a mission for next year, I feel with raising children, sometimes you lose yourself to take care of them which is not a bad thing at all...Love my boys to death and they are the love of my life, the reason I breathe, and work so hard.
But now I am having thoughts about, WHO AM I REALLY? Not sure how to go about finding this out, but plan on researching things about myself and family and just try to find the real me.
Now I don't think I am fake, by no means..I say what I feel and have no regrets about this. But there are deep questions in my gut about myself and I need to get to the bottom of these questions! So This is my resolution, I will blog about this throughout the year...If anyone has accomplished this task let me know how you did it. I plan on researching ways and doing things to find the real me! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until next time,