Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Year Approaching! What will it mean in my life?

Eveyone always has new years resolutions! One of mine started in the summer walking 30 minutes a night for 4 nights, now its cold, so I joined the gym and plan on keeping that up. So far I have lost 21 pounds and I am grateful for everyone of them.
But I also have a mission for next year, I feel with raising children, sometimes you lose yourself to take care of them which is not a bad thing at all...Love my boys to death and they are the love of my life, the reason I breathe, and work so hard.
But now I am having thoughts about, WHO AM I REALLY? Not sure how to go about finding this out, but plan on researching things about myself and family and just try to find the real me.
Now I don't think I am fake, by no means..I say what I feel and have no regrets about this. But there are deep questions in my gut about myself and I need to get to the bottom of these questions! So This is my resolution, I will blog about this throughout the year...If anyone has accomplished this task let me know how you did it. I plan on researching ways and doing things to find the real me! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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