Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I plan to do while I am in St. Augustine!

Oh so many things I want to do on this trip! First is the twelve hour drive with my family which I happen to enjoy. When you are in a car for twelve hours alot of interesting talk comes along with that. Both boys are wanting to drive some also so I should take along extra nerve pills for that. Then when we arrive there are so many things I want to do! My favorite is to stand on the beach and as the waves come in feel it pull the sand out from under my feet. I want to go to the lighthouse and look out over the railing. I am going to St. George Street and wonder in and out of the stores, no traffic is allowed on this street and it is all cobblestone. I want to visit the old cemetery in town at night and try to get some voices on a digital recorder, I am fascinated with that kind of stuff...
Beau wants to go to Harry's and eat! It is right downtown across from the bay and claims to be very haunted. They say there is a woman there who runs women out of the upstairs bathroom, me and gretchen tried to provoke her once but got nothing. But I will try again this time.
Johnny and Alex want to go to Osteens to eat shrimp, yum its good. Always a long wait but right across are antique shops I can browse while they wait.
Anstasia Island is my favorite place in St Augustine, you have to access it from a drawbridge...very cool. We will go by and check out our old home we used to live in while we were there.
The best part will be connecting with old friends and getting to see their kids and how they have grown since we been gone.

Well I will take lots of photos and share them with you when I get back after Memorial Day and let you know If I have any ghostly sightings.....