Friday, January 8, 2010

My first time to blog

Weird to think someone would care what I think about. But I think this blogging will be a great outlet for my journey that lies ahead. See in 8 months me and johnny will become empty nesters, this scares me a little. In 20 years we have had no alone time other than maybe the boys spending the night with friends. In the last 7 years my home has been graced by all their friends coming and going, my life filled with teenage drama that sometimes I would pray to be over and now it is swiftly coming to an end. How many times have they called to me mama I need......................the list is endless. And now they will both be out and on their own, WOW!
Alex left about a year and half ago which was very hard, but we still had Beau to guide through high school, which let me tell you was no easy task.

Now I need to find ways to deal with this empty nest situation. I am thinking maybe motorcycles to get out and explore on, Although I would never let the boys have one when they asked...oh well I will deal with that later.

What if Johnny decides to have a naked room like on failure to launch. How weird! well I can't see that happening, he would still wear his boots even in a naked

Well I have 8 months to figure all this out so back to work for now

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for following my blog, "A Diary Left Open". Sounds like you are starting to use your wings. Keep on going and glide high as you can, it's a great perspective. Welcome to Blog World!