Saturday, January 16, 2010

Playstation 3-Maybe not a good idea!

We got Beau a playstation 3 for Christmas with Modern Warfare...Now if you are not familar with this let me fill you in, you play online against other players. It is neat he plays with his friends and you can hear them talking to one another.

Now here is the problem-Johnny is addicted to this game! He plays for 2 hours and comes out and says I hate that game! Really, Are you sure about that? One night a group of youngsters told him he sucked at this game and threw him out of the game...This is too funny!

But this is my dilema, Beau is leaving in 8 months and he will take his playstation with him. So now I have to save my money to buy another playstation for Johnny. Oh well it keeps him entertained so I will get him one...

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