Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things that irritate me!

Well I woke up this morning and the coffee maker I bought about 6 months ago is dead! So I scrambled around to get ready and off to McDonalds I went to get coffee! So I guess this has me in a somewhat foul mood today, so I decided to ramble off some things that irritate me:

1. Coffee maker broken irritates me.
2. There is this giant porcelain thing in the bathroom to use when you need to urinate, when my boys cannot hit that huge irritates me!
3. When my favorite show Ghost Adventures is a rerun, I am irritated.
4. If I am getting a nap and someone walks in and says hey are you asleep?
5. I let my dog out and wait and wait on him to come back in and then the minute I get comfy on the couch I hear his little claws scratching at the door.
6. Being relaxed on the couch and my cell phone goes off and it is in the kitchen...hate that.
7. The woman on the tampax commercial that shows up with this pretty package that she calls a monthly gift...I dream of killing her.
8. Stepping in used chewing gum....
9. Going to Wal Mart ( which I now have to do to get new coffee pot)
10 Sudoku puzzles
11 Friends on Facebook...but won't speak to you in public.
12 Exploding yogurts...Open and pow it is all over you.
13 Trying to get a coke out of machine and the last coin in your hand keeps coming back out the slot return.
14 When everyone is in the car but me, as I am walking in front of car to passenger side..Johnny honks the horn and it doesn't scare me, It irritates the crap out of me cause I am already late.
15 Last but not least! Going in a public bathroom stall and doing your business and then you realize there is no toilet paper in that stall....

Thanks for letting me vent....I fell less irritated now...


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  1. Oh, I SO agree with you on so many of these! How about the facebook friend that posts something EVERY day about every little stupid thing in her life (what's for dinner, what TV show she's watching), yet never, EVER comments on anyone else's posts!! DE-FRIEND!!

    And don't even get me started on that exploding yogurt thing!